AWAKENING exhibition opening!


The turnout for Tuesday’s AWAKENING show featuring the work of Hong Kong photographer JC is the most star-studded art opening I’ve been to. We’re talking big names in Hong Kong’s entertainment scene. Joey Yung, Isabella Leong, Sam Lee, Shawn Yue, J.C. (Jackie Chan’s son), 2R, Jackie Heung, Miriam Yeung, 24 Herbs, Josie Ho, Chapman To and many more filled the gallery early on in the night. Add to that crowd Hong Kong’s top models, fashion editors and art scene royalty and you have an idea of the type of respect there is for JC as both a photographer and a friend.

Tuesday evening I arrived at the show on the early side. The venue for the exhibition (which is open until January 4th,) is the second floor of Pacific House, a large open space just above 20 Queens Road in Central. To get there, walk around to the side of the building closest to A Bathing Ape. Take the escalator up to the second floor and take the first right. Guests at any of Diesel’s events at the same space would be surprised at how well the room served as a gallery, rather than a party venue. The large open area was neatly sub-divided by lines of prints hanging throughout the space.


The number of interesting photos is a testament to JC’s unique eye. Though there are fascinating landscapes and group shots, his portraits of well known entertainment figures are the highlight of the show. The subjects, some shot in black and white, others with wet skin or smudges of dirt, are beyond mere portraits.


Staring into the eyes of Anthony Wong Chau Sang, or capturing a moment in time with Lam Suet or Isabella Leong, is both revealing and intriguing.


In one corner of the gallery you can purchase limited edition prints or copies of the book that coincides with the exhibition. If you’re looking for a unique gift, this would be an excellent choice. All proceeds go to the photographer who is very ill, and his family.

Special thanks go out to all the friends of JC who showed their love and support, especially Wing Shya as well as Race and Rosanne from 2R who I could see working hard at the exhibition.

The AWAKENING show is on from Tuesday, December 18th, until January 4th. Open daily, from 11 – 8:00 pm except on Mondays, when the gallery is closed.



  • i went to the opening nights show too…. its kinda ridiculous to say the big names in the industry were present. sammi cheng and joey were the two big names we could say with isabella getting a runner up…. but i do have to say it was a beautiful exibition and his work was remarkable

  • Sorry, but you must have had your eyes closed. There were MANY more stars there than just Sammi, Joey and Isabella. I know that Sam Lee, 2R, Edison and J.C. Chan were also there as well, just to name a few. Plus there were at least a dozen major power figures in H.K. entertainment present. Do you know how significant it is to get such a diverse group of talent to show up? Usually artists get paid a fee to attend events. And normally, you won’t have entertainers from different management groups all attending the same event. It was a significant turnout for a good cause.

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