Sneak inside HALO – Hong Kong’s most exclusive lounge!

halo hong kong hk bar lounge club

halo hong kong hk bar lounge club

Open for nearly six months already, HALO is a new lounge by the same people behind the popular Hong Kong club, Volar. Halo occupies a basement on 10-12 Stanley Street in Central. Designed by a Japanese interior designer, Halo is a cluster of rooms outfitted in several different multi-textured decors. The horse-shoe shaped space contains two larger rooms – one with upholstered leather sofas and arm chairs, another with a series of round tables and a bench.


Two additional smaller rooms include a library-themed space and a billiards room. Though each room contains a different look, Halo succeeds at maintaining a cohesive, intimate environment.


What makes the place standout? Halo succeeds at achieving an ultra-contemporary feel – yet with warmth, something that most nightlife spots lose in striving to be modern. Halo also boasts the best design of any space in Hong Kong since Dragon-i opened four years ago. Part of this is the attention to details. For example, even the men’s room has an interesting snake-skin pattern on the wall created by tiles.


If you’re looking for a place that can compete by international standards, Halo is a strong contender.

Weekdays Halo is a lounge more suitable as a place to go with a group of friends. On Friday and Saturday nights the place transforms into a more uptempo club-type vibe. Who goes here? Celebrities who want a place to drink without being hassled, the elite of the party set, socialites, and the progeny of Hong Kong’s established families.

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