L1ES X M1NT exhibition


Hong Kong based French artist L1ES ONE held an opening party for his exhibition titled “LE GRAFF1T1 C’EST CH1C” at M1NT on Thursday night. The show included a series of canvases, but the real stars were the tags and pieces he created on the club’s interior. Showing the eye of a true graffiti artist, L1ES attacked key surfaces within the club. M1NT deserves credit for not flinching, and giving him carte-blanche to write on whatever objects he chose, including their precious shark tank pictured above.

Walking into the club, I had flashbacks to public school seeing the staircase leading up to the club covered entirely in graffiti!


By the time I arrived, the opening was packed. The crowd was a mixture of people in the art scene, friends of the artist, and M1NT’s normal members.


The canvases on the wall pictured images of women and then often an abstraction of the same image.


I’ve seen him do this previously in his show at the now defunct Six Keyz gallery in Chai Wan. There were also outlines of female figures in some of his pieces on the walls.


DJ Samir and DJ Doze were providing a fitting soundtrack for the night.


Playing sets of Hip Hop, they were employing the quick-cut style of mixing, going into a new song nearly every minute. I heard a few great tracks that I haven’t listened to for a long time, including The Bush Babies “Remember We”.

After an hour socializing and checking out the work I was on my way. Thursday was a busy night and I had three more events to attend!



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