Sh*t Sandwich at Racks MDB!


Wednesday night was the debut of a new monthly party with a rather dirty name.

Sh*t Sandwich at Racks MDB featured the pairing of DJ Drafus and DJ D-Heezy. The night started off with classic New York Hip Hop and then the two d.j.s branched out, each playing music from their special repertoires.


In between throwing down some classics, D Heezy’s Miami roots were exposed by his new selection of post-Reggaeton rhythms. Drafus, the more experienced of the two, brought the night to a climax with a set of remakes of classic dance songs given the Bmore treatment.


The quality crowd was literally jumping up and down when I left. A new tradition is born! Keep on an eye out for the next edition of Sh*t Sandwich in the ‘Upcoming Events’ section of Hong Kong Hustle.


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