D.J. Tittsworth at Volar!


A name like Tittsworth is kind of hard to forget. I’ve been reading about this guy for some time and to my surprise, I found out he was going to be playing at Volar last Thursday. Despite the three other events that night, I wanted to be sure to catch his set.

Tittsworth is part of a new breed of d.j. / producers who seem to have a finger in every musical genre. Diplo is another d.j. of this variety who is everywhere musically. What these guys do is beyond the pedestrian mash-ups of most d.j.s.. Instead, they show a talent for taking music that’s totally unrelated and putting the pieces together to churn out something altogether new.

I had big anticipation for the night. After the L1ES ONE event at M1NT, I stopped by Halo who was celebrating their first anniversary. Even the door man was decked out in full costume (and still managing to look intimidating!)


I arrived at Volar a little early so that I could catch Tittsworth’s set from the start. The weather was very cold for Hong Kong and the club was still filling up. By the time the screen hiding the d.j. booth was lifted, Volar had started to get crowded.

True to my expectations, d.j. Tittsworth expertly mixed a wide range of musical genres. The crowd, though not the normal crazed weekend bunch, was into every song and were dancing the entire set.


Despite the variety of beats and genres, the mixes were brilliantly segued into one another. This is beyond mere beat matching and requires a good sense of how to patch together musical vibes.


Though I was expecting more hardcore Baltimore-style club music, Tittsworth kept up with the genre flipping. Had the show been on a weekend, the intensity of the night would have been much higher (more crowd participation and people dancing on the stage.) After Hong Kong, Tittsworth was off to Bangkok and Beijing. Let’s hope he’ll be back!


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