JM Rizzi exhibition at Joyce Boutique

jmr artist art painting jm rizzi hong kong exhibit
Paintings were spread out inside Joyce Boutique and upstairs in On Pedder

Brooklyn-born artist JM Rizzi (aka JMR) exhibited a series of new work at Joyce Boutique in Central on Thursday evening.

The artist, whose work combines influences from graffiti, as well as abstract expressionism, displayed essentially two types of paintings. The first have a sort of post-graffiti look that amplifies the swirl and movement similar to aerosol art; the second are made up of more deliberate, abstract expressionist patterns that somehow feel in the vein of geometric shapes by Miro, Kandinsky, and Calder.

Depending on how he filled them in, some of the canvases remained almost like a swirl of graffiti tags, while others, which use heavy color blocks, become almost like details from a Pop-Art piece.

jm rizzi art painting jmr joyce boutique hong kong
The interior wall of Joyce had a large pattern painted by JMR facing Queens Road
jmr art basel hk jm rizzi hong kong joyce boutique
Guests mingled amidst the canvases and clothing

The colorful, filled-in works are more decorative and pleasant, with vibrant hues, but somehow the raw, monochrome patterns have a more interesting quality about them.

Also on display upstairs in On Pedder, were two bags that had been decorated with JMR’s original art.

jm rizzi art handbag joyce boutique hong kong hk
The two bags and several smaller canvases are on display at On Pedder

JM Rizzi at Joyce Boutique
16 Queens Road Central
Central, Hong Kong

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