Dim sum inspired sneakers? Yes!

hypebeast x puma dim sum sneakers shoe har gao
"Excuse me, are those 'har gao' sneakers you're wearing?"
hypebeast x puma dim sum sneakers shoe har gao
“Excuse me, are those ‘har gao’ sneakers you’re wearing?”

Hypebeast, the pioneer sneaker culture and street fashion blog recently collaborated with Puma to create their own signature shoes.

Based in Hong Kong, Hypebeast created the two models as a nod to the city’s ever-present dim sum, specifically the translucent ‘har gao’, and the yellow colored ‘siu mai’.

People familiar with dim sum will immediately recognize the two inspirations.

hypebeast puma blaze of glory dim sum shoe
Real dim sum made a good backdrop for the shoes!

The launch at JUICE in Causeway Bay featured the sneakers displayed in bamboo steaming baskets branded with the Puma logo.

Though a rainy night, the collaboration event drew a large crowd that packed the store.

puma blaze of glory dim sum hypebeast sneaker shoe hk
Guests congregating inside JUICE, Causeway Bay

Hypebeast managing editor and designer of the shoe, Eugene Kan, was joined by his Puma counterpart to give a brief speech.

eugene kan hypebeast managing editor hong kong smaat that food cray hk
Eugene Kan in glasses, center

Eugene is a well known foodie as well as a footwear aficionado. He’s involved in two interesting side projects: That Food Cray, a food blog, and SMAAT, a minimalist footwear brand.

puma blaze of glory dim sum hypebeast
Yellow colored sneakers are inspired by ‘siu mai’

The dim-sum sneakers are custom variations of Puma’s Blaze of Glory model shoe. The Hypebeast x Puma shoes are now available at select retailers for $155 USD a pair!

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