DR1PS & BUBBLES: new art by L1ES ONE



French artist L1ES ONE has been active in Hong Kong for several years now. His art is rooted in graffiti, but often ventures into other territory. On Wednesday, July 29th, he’ll be opening a show of new work titled “DR1PS & BUBBLES” at the private club M1NT in Sheung Wan.

L1ES ONE is particularly good at tailoring his art to different spaces. Curious what his previous exhibitions looked like?

At his last exhibition, “LE GRAFF1T1 C’EST CH1C,” I was impressed with his ability to transform the rather sleek M1NT interior into something that resembled a heavily bombed building. L1ES literally put his touch on everything, including the shark tank!


An even earlier show took place at the now defunct Six Keyz gallery in Chai Wan. Here he made use of the full interior, including the half-pipe for skateboarding.


The opening on the 29th features new art in addition to music by d.j.s Drafus and Doze. Guests can enjoy a free glass of Ruinart champagne along with the show. The event begins at 9pm and goes until 1am.

DR1PS & BUBBLES: new art by L1ES ONE
Wednesday, July 29th from 9pm to 1am
108 Hollywood Road
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


  • Hello Hong Kong Hustle:

    I am curious why so much of the street art here on the website. Yes this is nice art and very hip and funky, but I like to see more variety too. New to Hong Kong and like many different art things happening. Have you heard of the Osage gallery? I like too very much the Para-Site with Australia art now.


  • Hi Carlo,

    Yes, I’d like to have a more diverse range of art events covered as well, unfortunately, many of the galleries / art institutions do a poor job of marketing their events outside their own small circle.

    If you dig back into the archive you will see a wider range of coverage, however, it’s true, street art exhibitions seem to do a much better job of alerting me to their events.

  • Street Art + “Exclusive” club M1NT? Truly sad state of affairs when a city doesn’t have any suitable venues for urban art apart from ridiculously pretentious high-rollers’ clubs with clientele who generally don’t give a shit. M1NT’s street cred? Pure ass.

  • VERY WELL SAID ABOVE!! f*ck a club….this is STREET ART so it shud be held at where its from..

  • Thank you for your explanations Administrator. As I say I am new to Hong Kong and want to know more! If there is things cultural happening how to get better publicity? I know many young people read this site, but who are you? Are you cultural theoryist? Critic? Writer? I find very mysterious that you have no name.

    Also what is “pure ass”? Is this good thing or bad thing?


  • Hi Carlo,

    Let’s just say the expression you asked about isn’t positive, it’s definitely negative!

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