Vans Classics x Milk Magazine!

vans classics milk magazine hong kong hk sneaker shoe
The shoe features what looks like a hand-painted stripe complete with drips
vans classics milk magazine hong kong hk sneaker shoe
The limited edition shoe features what looks like a hand-painted stripe, complete with drips

Hong Kong’s Milk Magazine celebrated their 12th anniversary with a special collaboration with Vans Classics.

The duo held a launch event on Friday to showcase the release of two new signature models of Vans.

The denim colored sneakers come in a slip-on model as well as a high-top shoe with white splashes and drips – a motif that alludes to milk.

The event was held at the Da Hood sneaker store in Causeway Bay. Da Hood isn’t a huge shop, so guests spilled out onto Leighton Road, with partygoers jumping in and out during the night.

vans hong kong sneaker store da hood dahood hk shoe
A cool crowd of attendees hanging out on Leighton Road during the event

As usual there were some interesting snacks! A standout was the local drink that combines milk with cream soda, rather cleverly packaged in custom milk bottles.

vans sneaker milk magazine hong kong shoe hk shop store china
There was a milk theme to the shoes’ design and even to the snacks at the event

(The snacks were good, but we missed the delicious Vans waffles! 😉 )

Inside there was a band made up of Kevin and Kei Jai from Hardpack, and Jason Kui from Junk Unit. The highlight of the night was a guest performance by local MC, MastaMic who rapped over a live instrumental provided by the band.

MastaMic hong kong hip hop rapper mc masta mic master mike
MastaMic is a charismatic MC with genuine skills

Known for his abilities at freestyling in Cantonese, MastaMic can also rap incredibly fast. Here’s a video of his rapid-fire rhyming.

Congratulations to Milk Magazine on their 12th anniversary!

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