Dreamandawake at The Embassy



Swedish fashion label dreamandawake makes its Hong Kong debut with an event at The Embassy, an alternative art space in Chai Wan on Saturday the 25th.

Entertainment for the night will consist of three bands including Swedish singer Kristian Anttila, The David Bowie Knives and Mammoth, performing on the 2,000 sq. ft. balcony. There will be a fashion show titled “Drown” featuring the label in addition to free food and drinks.

Previous events at The Embassy have been fun and drawn big crowds. You can read about their opening event here.

Dreamandawake designer Amanda Ericsson has a special approach to making clothing. She begins with vintage garments and remixes them into contemporary pieces.

It’s interesting to see how older concepts can be adapted to fit modern aesthetics. Last week I was also contacted by Liza Koifman, the designer of Amsterdam-based label OutFront, whose line will soon be launching in Hong Kong. OutFront’s approach combines elements of classic tailored clothing such as suits and reworks them into modern high-end street wear.


My favorite detail from the collection are the draw strings of a hood which are tipped with gold-plated headphone jacks! Have a look at OutFront’s site here.

Dreamandawake “Drown” exhibition and fashion show
Saturday, October 25th, 6pm to midnight
The Embassy
3rd floor, Unit 309, Chai Wan Industrial City, Phase 2
70 Wing Tai Road
Chai Wan, Hong Kong


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