Rock Candy moves to Causeway Bay

rock candy store causeway bay

rock candy store causeway bay

Hong Kong’s bad-boy jewelry brand, Rock Candy, relocated from Soho to shopping haven Causeway Bay last week. The new store is just one floor below the well-known boutique Juice, on Paterson Street.

What makes this change of venue such a smart move?

Rock Candy’s first branch was on Elgin Street near Hollywood Road in Soho. Although it was a well designed store with a cool location, the Soho neighborhood isn’t a shopping destination for stylish young consumers – the brand’s target audience.

Affluent young shoppers looking for something upscale with a little attitude would likely head to Causeway Bay.

Juice’s new neighbor…
Being located one floor down from Juice, has its advantages. The two stores may in fact develop a symbiotic relationship. Juice is already a destination shop for its limited edition CLOT merchandise and exclusive collaborations. Because both Rock Candy and Juice offer elite local brands, shoppers who desire something high-end, yet only available in Hong Kong are now more likely to make a pilgrimage to the building.

The two are not in direct competition. Though Rock Candy has dabbled in clothing, their main focus is on diamond jewelry. Juice, on the other hand is strong with clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The two can actually help draw traffic for one another. Shoppers that go to one store are now likely to visit both. For shoppers with little time on their hands, the fact that they can now catch two interesting local stores at one spot makes this a more attractive destination.

The new Rock Candy store

The store itself boasts a contemporary design, with raw interiors offset by sharp modern touches.


The support columns are naked cement, while the cabinets are gleaming glass boxes.


Lest we forget the brand’s music-themed merchandise and motifs, an entire wall of the shop is made up of real speakers!


Rock Candy store

1/F, Hyde Park Mansion
53 Paterson Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong



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