Playboy 60th anniversary party at Lane Crawford!

playboy 60th anniversary hk lane crawford hong kong

playboy 60th anniversary party hong kong lane crawford hk

Playboy celebrated their 60th anniversary in Hong Kong with an in-store event at Lane Crawford, IFC. The well-attended party featured two Playboy playmates, Jessa Hinton, and Alana Campos, who posed throughout the night wearing the iconic Playboy bunny outfit.

Over the years, Playboy has shifted away from its notoriety as an adult magazine and focused more on being a multifaceted brand. Although there’s been a huge shift in its place in society, it retains a certain cachet. There are very few brands that survive for sixty years – let alone manage to maintain as much status. To this day, their logo is instantly recognizable around the world.

lane crawford blitz playboy 60th anniversary hong kong

Lane Crawford’s “Blitz” space, which hosted the event, is typically used for pop-ups within the large fashion retailer. The Lane Crawford parties are known for tasty snacks and interesting drinks, and this night was no exception. The event featured an alcoholic marshmallow shake served in tiny glass bottles that was delicious!

The Zombettes, a girl DJ duo from Manila, played music as guests lined up for photos with the Playmates or stood around socializing.

the zombettes ornusa cadness playboy 60th hk
Ornusa and Sanya of The Zombettes

It was interesting to note that the girls in attendance were enthusiastic and more likely to pose for photos with the two playmates, than were the guys. The general feeling associated with the brand seems to be fun, retro and sexy.

playboy 60th anniversary hk hong kong lane crawford party

Playboy 60th anniversary merchandise was on display throughout the Blitz area of Lane Crawford and bunny ears were being given out to a select few.

The event lasted for the full two and a half hours, and for the rest of the night, Hong Kong’s social media was alive with Playboy photos – of the non-nude variety! 😉

lane crawford blitz hong kong hk pop up event

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