Puma’s French 77: short shorts & roller-disco!

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Wednesday night I attended the launch of Puma’s French 77 collection, a line ode to the decadence and style of the late 1970’s. The event was at Zenses, a restaurant in the heart of Central on Queens Road. As guests arrived, the d.j., Frankie Lam, set the mood by playing an assortment of disco hits from the period.

Before the actual show there was a performance with several dancers and a guy doing roller-disco moves! Roller-disco is actually something close to my heart, having grown up going to the local roller disco every Saturday for a few years.


The show featured a fashion-shoot and tennis-themed skits including Amanda Strang, Cara G., Rene, Carl Ng and Eydie Tai among others. In addition to the Puma 77 collection, the models also wore Evisu pants and skirts.

To see more video and photos…

Cara G. in the foreground, Amanda Strang in the back.


Cara on the platform, Carl Ng and Amanda in the back.

[photopress:Puma77CaraG2.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:Puma77CaraG.jpg,full,pp_image]

The crowd on the second level, including celebrity model Rosemary checking out the show.


Various local actors and singers attended the event and joined the party after the show.


More roller-disco action!

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