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Hong Kong-based fashion footwear brand Cipher held a special event at Brother and Sister recently to celebrate the launch of the Cipher Mixtape. The project includes music from ten d.j.s. and musicians from a variety of different backgrounds.

Several of the talents were on hand for the night to play short sets. Numerous guests remarked that they wished every night would feature such diverse and non-commercial sounds. The d.js. played everything from downtempo and classic Hip Hop, to rare groove and contemporary underground dance music.

Where can you find the mixtape?

The Cipher Mixtape is free, and you can download it online. The ten artists chosen include some familiar names: AKW, DJ Ceet, DJ Taku, Miss Yellow, Drafus, Good Fellas, Enso, Sushi Robot, Dirty Boneyard, and Yao.

Brother and Sister as a venue

Brother and Sister is a good space for a small to medium-sized event.


They have a built-in bar which makes serving drinks easy, as well as tables at the entrance that allow the venue to comfortably expand once more people arrive. If things really get going, the same owner has a Japanese restaurant two floors above, (Busy Suzy,) where the party can potentially continue.

Another brand-friendly feature of the subterranean store are the numerous display cases which can be customized for the night. Cipher’s shoes replaced Jeremy Scott’s Adidas line for the event.

[photopress:brother_sister_store_1881_TST_HK.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:brother_and_sister_store_shop_Hong.jpg,full,pp_image]

Located along the axis of urban and luxury, Cipher’s sneakers include several lines of men’s hightops and lowtops. For more info about the brand and where you can find them, check out their profile online (UPDATE: their original website is gone, but they have a shop here:


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  • Completely unrelated but love all this ish you guys are posting. I just moved here from nyc and have been craving some serious culture and unique things in this city that can seem pretty damn hard to find amongst all the luxury brand centric malls. thanks for all the tips on the spots – keep it up!

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