Adidas ‘Selfie Party’ at Dragon-i!

adidas selfie party hong kong hk dragon-i

adidas selfie party hong kong hk dragon i

Adidas stands out from other brands in Hong Kong in part due to their savvy approach to social media. Their ‘Selfie Party‘, held at Dragon-i a few weeks ago, illustrates a superior understanding of how modern consumers use tech.

Entering the party, guests received a special Adidas selfie-stick, enabling them to take photos from an extra wide distance. (Essentially, your phone is attached to the stick and you have access to a trigger to snap photos.)

adidas selfie stick hong kong party hk

Wrapped in a special bag, and featuring an Adidas branded handle, the sticks were ever-present. Groups of guests could be seen snapping away and posing in various settings.

adidas selfie party thisisme hong kong hk

The concept was incredibly effective. The new tool incited guests to strike a pose and take numerous photos which soon made their way to their friends and followers across social media.

adidas selfie stick party dragon i hong kong

To make the photos deliver more impact for the brand, Dragon-i was covered in Adidas themed motifs for the night.

adidas hong kong hk party event selfie

Special glow-in-the-dark makeup was provided, which made for interesting pictures under the black-light.

adidas selife thisisme hong kong store shop

A young, cool crowd gathered to sip on Adidas themed cocktails and practice taking photos of themselves with their new toy.

adidas shop hong kong store address hk

Adidas logos, slogans, and hashtags could be found in every corner of the club, and often made their way into the pictures.

adidas store hong kong hk

The turnout was strong and Dragon-i was packed!

dragon-i club hong kong hk adidas party

adidas party dragon i hk hong kong sneaker

A brilliant part of the campaign is that the selfie-sticks continue to pay a dividend long after the initial event ends. As attendees continue to use their sticks, the highly visible and unique gift is sure to attract attention (and potentially envy!) from friends.

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