Zing – the Rock star makeup artist?

Last week I attended an event for Bobbi Brown, the cosmetics brand. The venue was an empty space in M-88, a building on Wellington Street in Central. I didn’t know what to expect, but arriving there the place was surprisingly packed.


Instead of a fashion show or performance, the focal point of the evening was a brief talk by Zing, a Singaporean-born makeup artist who is revered in Hong Kong’s fashion industry.

Zing was received like a Rock star by the audience packed with fellow makeup artists and models. An accomplished trend setter in his field, Zing’s been active for over ten years orchestrating campaigns for several top cosmetic brands including Max Factor, SKII and L’Oreal.

I’ve actually been aware of him for a few years because he published a book featuring photos of half a dozen friends of mine. Zing has used some of Asia’s most beautiful women as his canvas. His portfolio includes work with Hsu Chi, Carina Lau, Faye Wong, Maggie Q, Carrie Chiu, Larissa Thome, Sammi Cheng, Christy Chung and Devon Aoki to name just a few. After the talk, Zing was surrounded by the press – he clearly enjoyed being in the spotlight!



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