Juice Garage Sale!



Aside from throwing some of my favorite parties around town, the CLOT crew have a very successful clothing store called JUICE in Causeway Bay. It’s here that they sell top designers from all over the world as well as showcase their own CLOT clothing line which has been a big hit on the international street wear scene. Most of the clothing they carry at JUICE is extremely limited edition and represents a who’s who of contemporary street fashion.

In order to make room for all the new gear they’re going to be debuting in 2009, the gang is holding a major sale to free up some space.

The sale actually began on Friday, but it will be going on until 10pm on Monday night. The sale venue is not at Juice, but at another nearby location in Causeway Bay. See the map below!

JUICE Garage Sale

It’s not at the Juice store
From Friday, December 12th, until Monday, December 15th
12 noon until 10:00 pm
3/F, 487-489 Lockhart Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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