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Papabubble, the artisan candy shop first founded in Barcelona in 2004, now has a branch in Hong Kong. The franchise, which specializes in hand-made and custom candy creations, has several stores around the world, including Tokyo, Taipei, and Seoul.

A quick peek inside Papabubble reveals an assortment of brightly-colored candies and fun, whimsical designs.

I even spotted a Kanye West shutter-shades lollipop!


There’s a good reason they refer to their stores as concept shops. Part of the experience of Papabubble is the spectacle of watching the candy being made. (Try calling them for the exact times!)

All sorts of tools line the shelves above the kitchen, and beakers holding colorful confectionery ingredients make it look like a mad scientist’s lab!


Papabubble occupies a choice location on the border just behind the main library in Causeway Bay, it’s right on the way to the trendy lower Tai Hang neighborhood.


The day I visited, the owner was friendly and gave me a piece of candy to try as soon as I walked in. The sample – not too sweet and full of flavor, should match Hong Kong taste buds.


The custom candies can be made with brand logos etc., which leads me to believe that they will soon start showing up at events around town.

Papabubble is worth a visit particularly for candy lovers, kids, unique gift ideas, and designing your own custom creation.


For more photos, check out the Papabubble Facebook page.

Papabubble caramels artesans
G/F, 34 Tung Lo Wan Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (very close to the Tai Hang neighborhood!)
Telephone: (852) 2367-4807



  • hey mister hustle, checked this place out yesterday. the pina colada and the kiwi candies are ace. probably gonna lose my teeth after eating all those sweets but thanks for the heads up anyways.

  • I visit Hong Kong every year in January for a few weeks to celebrate my birthday and I always consult your blog before I visit, especially for new foodie events and places. You always post about interesting things and I love the honest way you write. Thank you!

  • Thanks Jennifer! 🙂 Wow! You have an awesome blog! Your cakes and the seasonal markets look amazing! Happy Birthday and enjoy your trip!

  • I’d think that much less would go into these simple, home-made sweets, than typical commercial-bought products. Perhaps you can stop by, or email them and find out.

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