Don’t Go Breaking My Heart opens HKIFF!



Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (單身男女,) a Mandarin language film starring Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, and Gao Yuanyuan, is an inventive romantic comedy set in the offices of Hong Kong’s Central district.

While the film is solid and enjoyable (see the review below,) the big story here is the fact that it’s in Mandarin, starring Hong Kong stars, in a Hong Kong setting, by a Hong Kong director (Johnnie To.) After over 25 years of Cantonese-language dominance, is Hong Kong cinema about to return to its Mandarin-language past?

Even at the opening reception, there were signs of change. Part of the actors time was devoted to a QQ backdrop and Mandarin-language interview session. If you quickly consider it from the film company’s point of view – would you rather sell to an audience of 7 million or 1 billion? Long gone are the days that the Hong Kong entertainment industry can rely solely on the local, and overseas Chinese markets.

For years the Mainland market was negligible. However, now China has a vast (and growing) theater network, as well as a clear path to screen more Hong Kong films. (Previously, Hong Kong movies were considered foreign films, and faced murky rules in order to enter the market.)

[photopress:daniel_wu_louis_koo_breaking_my_heart_film.jpg,full,pp_image] Wai Ka Fai, Gao Yuan Yuan, Daniel Wu and Louis Koo

While last year had a strong showing of very local H.K. productions, the trend may again be reversing. If Don’t Go Breaking My Heart is a success with Mainland audiences, it may trigger a new fragmentation of the Hong Kong industry, creating a string of local Mandarin-language productions.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – a capsule review

[photopress:dont_go_breaking_my_heart_hong_kong_movie.jpg,full,pp_image] Gao Yuanyuan, Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, JJ Jia, Larisa Bakurova, and Terence Yin

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart revolves around a female lead played by Gao Yuanyuan, who must decide between two men (Daniel Wu and Louis Koo,) each with different strengths and abilities to commit. The film delivers genuine laughs and builds the audience’s empathy towards the characters without ever veering into sappy territory. There are numerous amusing gags as the duo competes for attention. Solid performances and ingenuity make it an entertaining romantic comedy.



  • Refreshing idea of how a romantic comedy is a fight between two eligible bachelor. Agreed that this is the best romantic comedy in years by far!!

  • I was first introduced to Daniel Wu acting in Jackie Chan’s film THE SINJUKO INCIDENT were DANIEL WU delivered a brilliant drama performance similar to Heath Leadger in THE DARK NIGHT. I cried so much, he wanted to sell chestnuts but bad people won’t let him. since that day every time I eat chestnuts I remember Daniel Wu’s performance.
    When DON’T GO BREAKING MY HEART opened in our Australian Cinema I recognized Daniel Wu and went to the cinema, watched the film twice in the cinema it was majestic, Daniel Wu delivered a brilliant performance superb cinematic present, I was also glad to be introduced to Louis Koo and Gao YuanYuan acting they both also delivered abrilliant performance. I loved the film and the power it brought, as it was not only a love triangle but a great meaningful story of hope. and now everytime I see a toy frog I remember the stars DANIEL WU, LOUIS KOO AND GAO YUANYUAN, I must also thank the film Director Johnnie To for directing such great film.

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