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It was only a matter of time before competition for Hong Kong’s best pizza started to heat up. As we witnessed earlier with burger joints, frozen yoghurt places and bubble tea stands, the window of opportunity to be the only one of your kind is very brief in this city.

Tuesday I headed over to a slightly out of the way corner of Causeway Bay to try Slices, the newest contender for best New York-style pizza.

Slices occupies a ground floor location on the corner of Leighton Road and dead-end Haven street. Despite its location away from the main hustle, it’s a major transit point with heavy student traffic and people walking from Tai Hang to Causeway Bay.


From the outside, the restaurant has a neat, cozy appearance. The interior is your standard pizzeria, a counter with the pizzas displayed in a window, and a place to order from.


Towards one end there’s a bench with several small tables, which is adequate, as the focus is take-away, and by-the-slice sales. (For over-flow traffic, perhaps Slices could benefit from a bench outside the restaurant, or a temporary standing counter that they bring inside at the end of the day.)

Slices Pizzeria – first taste!

Since I didn’t see a normal Margherita pie sitting in the window, I ordered the 4-cheese slice, as well as a sausage and mushroom.

[photopress:slices_slice_best_pizza_hong_kong.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:slices_pizza_hong_kong_address.jpg,full,pp_image]

I would have preferred a simple Margherita slice, but despite it being on the menu, it wasn’t being offered by the slice. When I inquired further about a Margherita, I was told it wouldn’t be available by the slice. I suspect price has something to do with it. Most topping slices go for around $32 HKD per slice, versus a plain slice for $25 HKD.

While I enjoyed the 4-cheese slice (a mixture of mozzarella, blue cheese, fortina, and gruyere,) I’d prefer a slice of standard pizza. Fancy cheeses are fine, but my slice tasted a little sour due to the mixture. If it’s a pricing issue, why not offer an extra cheese slice with additional mozzarella for $32 HKD?

My first impression is that they have certain things more accurate than Paisano’s (Hong Kong’s current by the slice champion.) The crust was good, chewy, and not soggy. The sauce was fine. The slice is also not as doughy overall, and it’s cooked slightly more well done. I think I need to order a full Margherita pizza before I can do a proper review.

My friend who is a Queens New Yorker, had a smile on his face as soon as he took his first bite. That’s a pretty major feat!

Plenty of room!
Slices is a welcome addition to the pizza landscape in Hong Kong. A little competition on quality and taste is better for the consumer, and should result in better pizza throughout the city.

Paisano’s doesn’t need to feel threatened. There’s plenty of room for another by-the-slice pizza place, especially in Causeway Bay.



Slices Pizzeria
G/F, 128 Leighton Road (on the corner of Leighton Road and Haven Street.)
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Opening hours are from 11am to 10:30pm Monday to Thursday, and 11am to 11pm Friday through Sunday

Slices go for around $32 HKD with topping.
Pies come in 14″, 18″, and 22″ sizes.
For 22″ pizzas, the price is $190 HKD for a plain, and up to $250 HKD for a four-topping pie.

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  • My current favorite is Pizza Express. I do not think that Paisano’s is NY style pizza, the crust is not right. Will keep this place in mind when I get a pizza craving.

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