Boat Trips in Hong Kong

Wakeboarding in Clearwater Bay

Hong Kong, made famous in part for its harbor, is located on the South China Sea. When the weather gets warm it’s time for boat trips. There are a few different kinds. Some are junk trips, with bulky vessels made to party and eat on. Others are more sophisticated with speedboats, wakeboards, jet-skis and crews. My experience is of the more sophisticated sort!

Here’s how it works: You normally meet at a pier in Central, or go to a marina, or yacht club to get picked up by the boat. People are always late, so you never end up leaving on time! Once you get on board there are a few different popular destinations. For short trips, it’s Repulse Bay, or somewhere on the South Side of Hong Kong Island. Here you can hang out, go wakeboarding, which is very popular, and potentially go to Lamma Island for dinner.

Longer trips usually head out towards Sai Keung, which has many different beaches and bays, offering the cleanest water, and more secluded spots.

If you’re a city guy like me, getting back to the city is always a thrill after spending time in the wild! You are treated to amazing scenes of the city from the water.

Pulling into Causeway Bay after a day on the water.

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