Typhoon Linfa – all talk and no action?

typhoon linfa hong kong hk cyclone

Well, that wasn’t much of a storm! But the lack of a torrential downpour and howling winds didn’t keep Typhoon Linfa from clearing out Causeway Bay. By 11:30pm, the normally crowded neighborhood was truly deserted with few pedestrians and even fewer vehicles on the road.

Several stores with large windows facing the street took precautionary measures by creating large ‘X’s with tape. Normally high-traffic intersections were empty, with just a few teams working on pre-scheduled overnight work.

Even the typically pedestrian-choked passageway between Forever 21 and SOGO was nearly devoid of foot traffic.

To get a feel for just how much Causeway Bay was transformed into a ghost town, have a look at our video below.

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