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sonatrope film festival hk hong kong

Is it just me, or is Hong Kong starting to experience something of a cultural renaissance? I just received an email from the organizer of Sonatrope, a new music-based film festival taking place August 17th to 25th. Sonatrope combines two of my biggest passions – music and film. Could it possibly get any better? YES! The emphasis is on two genres that were traditionally underground – Hip Hop and Punk.

Glancing briefly at the program I see a feast of cool subjects inclding: Japanese Hip Hop, Korean Punk, international Electro, South African Hip Hop, and China Punk. Several of the films are short and medium length and will be screened together as double features. The ticket price is cheap! A mere $30 HKD per screening will get you a seat.

Opening night is at 9 pm on Friday, August 17th, and features the film Squatterpunk. This award winning film chronicles the punk lifestyle in impoverished inner-city Philippines. Squatterpunk will be followed by music featuring Spermatic Chord, ST, Elle Est ChiNOISE, New Pony, and Kawaki.

The venue for the fest is the 14th floor of an artists’ studio building located at 367 Hennessy Road in Wanchai. For more information and to read a synopsis of the films, check out the Sonatrope website. I can’t wait!

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  • as far as i know, AND has always been trying to find out in MAS, we’ve only mainstream film festival… like French Film Fest, Dutch Film Fest, Deutch Film Fest, Asian Film Fest…you get the drilll…the point is, sometimes we would prefer something novel, like you know….China Punk & SouthAfricanHipHop (how in the world does it sound…)but cant seem to find any of it here, let alone a combo of both….SIGH :-O U lucky fella.

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