Coming soon: Kanye West in H.K.!

kanye west concert hong kong hk china

Yet another interesting event brought about by Edison and the CLOT crew – Kanye West is coming to Hong Kong to perform with the Hong Kong Orchestra at the end of the month, November 28th. (Edison is going to open up for him.)

I’ve heard recordings of Kanye’s concert performance with live instruments, and it’s something not to be missed. With an orchestra behind him, Kanye’s musicianship really comes through on a higher level. It’s a quality that most people in Hip Hop these days couldn’t even attempt to match.

The venue is a brand new outdoor spot called ‘The Hong Kong Drive-In’ on West Kowloon, a recently developed area of reclaimed land located just west of Tsim Sha Tsui.

This is a must-see event for music lovers in Hong Kong!

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