Licensed to Kick! 1960’s ‘Jane Bond’ films!

hk film archive hong kong jane bond film

If female secret agents, cat burglars and jewel thieves are your cup of tea, you can’t miss the upcoming program at the Hong Kong Film Archive. Titled “Licensed to Kick (Men): The Jane Bond Films,” the series showcases one of the coolest, most fascinating genres of Hong Kong cinema.

Strangely enough, as I was opening up the Film Archive newsletter yesterday, I wondered to myself if it could be about anything cool, like 60’s secret agent movies… and sure enough it WAS!

I don’t know what in particular draws me to this genre of films. Is it the cool sixties Chinese / Western fusion outfits? The swinging soundtracks? The Robin-hood like elements to the plot? The female fighting prowess? A glimpse of the city’s past elegance and nightlife as it once was? Whatever it is, I’m completely captivated and anticipating these films.

The screenings begin on January 26th and continue until February 3rd. The shows take place at the Hong Kong Film Archive in Sai Wan Ho (just a few blocks from the MTR station.) Six out of the nine films don’t have English subtitles, and most are shown on Beta, rather than on film. For a synopsis of the films, show times and ticket prices, check out the Hong Kong Film Archive website here.

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