Top 5 Halloween costume mistakes! + HK’s best party!

Now in its 6th year! The DEAD NOT ALIVE HALLOWEEN Party!
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Masks are great… unless you want to drink!

As Hong Kong Halloween veterans, we’d like to share a bit of wisdom on what NOT to wear. Over the years we’ve learned the hard way that the wrong costume can ruin what should be a fun night!

If you’re planning your outfit now, try to avoid these five common mistakes!

Top 5 Halloween Costume Mistakes

5. Don’t wear anything bulky that won’t allow you to walk through a crowd. Chances are you will be someplace packed and you’ll need to make your way through large numbers of people. If you have to constantly stop every few feet because someone is stepping on your tail, or people are getting tangled in your costume, it will decrease the fun!

4. Don’t wear anything that’s difficult to get on and off. One year I wore a jumpsuit with all sorts of accessories; it was a nightmare every time I had to go to the bathroom! If you’re planning on going out drinking with your friends this Halloween, a bathroom-friendly costume that doesn’t require help getting in and out of, is a must!

3. If you’re planning on drinking, don’t wear a costume that includes a mask that blocks your mouth!

Wearing a full mask actually has two disadvantages: you can’t drink; and two, your friends won’t recognize you (this could also be an advantage!). I tried to cheat this rule once by using two jumbo bubble tea straws, but it didn’t work out very well!

2. Don’t bring any accessories that you have to carry around all night, or items that you are afraid to lose! Halloween is a major party night. There’s a good chance that you will misplace something as the evening progresses. Also, that cool accessory that goes with your costume gets annoying to carry after the first hour and likely inhibits your ability to dance, drink, and take photos.

1. Don’t wear a full costume such as a mascot outfit, or a be anything like a Disney character in a suit!

One Halloween I got punched in the face, had my head ripped off, and got groped… all within the first hour! I had no idea people had such feelings towards Mickey Mouse! WTH?!

There’s something about wearing a cartoon or animation character costume that invites people to mess with you! An additional annoyance is that awesome outfits are a victim of their own success – everyone wants a photo with you. If you’re constantly being grabbed to pose for photos, you won’t be able to enjoy Halloween yourself. Don’t do it!

Hong Kong’s Best Halloween Party!

Now in its 6th year, The DEAD NOT ALIVE HALLOWEEN party!

The first reason that the annual Dead Not Alive Halloween party is a success year after year is because it’s a costume-mandatory event.

If you’ve been to many Halloween parties, you realize that it’s a buzzkill to be surrounded by people who don’t dress up and are just there to gawk. Regular clubs still let people in without costumes, which just doesn’t provide the same fun atmosphere.

Another reason why the Dead Not Alive party is in its sixth year is that there’s always a diverse range of entertainment. This year’s draw, in addition to top-notch local DJs, is Korean DJ Lip 2 Shot and the Waveya Dance Team from Seoul.

Waveya is famous for their YouTube videos of K-Pop songs (they have over 200 million views!,) as well as for causing a riot by their performance at an all-boys school. You can read about that incident in the hilarious article: “South Korean boys have a puberty meltdown!

The venue of the party is again the two-floor Japanese restaurant, ZUMA, which is located on Queens Road, just below the blocked off Lan Kwai Fong nightlife area. Zuma has recently been remodeled and the party will take over both floors, plus the large outdoor patio.

In addition to the headliner Lip 2 Shot from Korea, (who plays EDM,) DJs for the night include Enso from XXX, Spyzi Trix from Cubic, Seraphim Yami, fashion’s favorite Nat King Soul aka The Great Natsby, DJ Sukimama, and Simtub.

The tickets aren’t cheap, but they include two drinks, and provide access to both floors, plus a full night of entertainment. There are various prices and tables available. For detailed information, have a look at the Alive Not Dead site.

To get a feel for the night, check out scenes from the previous Dead Not Alive Halloween parties in 2011 and 2012!

Catch the latest info about the party on the Dead Not Alive 2013 Facebook page.

Special tips: Get your tickets in advance. They sold out the last two years in a row! Arrive at the party early. If you wait til later in the night it gets crowded and takes longer to get in.

The 6th Annual Dead Not Alive Halloween Party
Saturday, October 26th, 2013, 11pm til late
ZUMA – The Landmark, 5th and 6th floor
15 Queens Road
Central, Hong Kong (Party entry via 2F Lobby)

Remember, no costume, no entry!

“Just kill me now, or get me out of this ridiculous costume!” 😉

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