Jay Electronica at FLY!

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Hip Hop purist Jay Electronica performs at FLY on Friday, March 20th. The well regarded M.C. creates Hip Hop steeped in the ways of the genre’s golden era.

While most rappers today are often studio creations, Jay’s true skills become apparent during his live performances. Talented M.C.’s can move a crowd without even a beat, and Jay Electronica frequently stands alone on a stage, holding a crowd’s attention using just his voice.

The New Orleans born rapper follows the old rules and delivers dexterous rhymes and high-quality lyrics that have won him a devoted following. Jay’s skills haven’t gone unnoticed within the industry. Judging from his frequent collaborations, he’s considered a rapper’s rapper, and in 2010 he was signed as an artist on Jay Z’s Roc Nation record label.

Jay often alludes to Hip Hop classics in both his instrumentals and verses. Check out his track “My World,” which is a salute to Nas’s “The World Is Yours.”

Jay has collaborated with many of the most respected names in Hip Hop. Here’s a cut he made titled “So What You Saying” produced by the legendary J Dilla.

The rapper has a knack for finding himself on top of catchy yet soulful instrumentals. In “Shiny Suit Theory” you can hear his brand of tight, vivid rhyming, alongside Jay Z.

Unlike most M.C.s these days, Jay practices his craft with both style and depth. Hidden within his intricate rhymes are lines that resonate.


Jay Electronica at FLY

Friday, March 20th, 2015
24-30 Ice House Street
Central, Hong Kong

For details tickets, check out the event page.

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