What’s in a club’s acronym?


Top Hong Kong nightclub Dragon-i has long been referred to as D.I. for short. A new disco opening in Tsim Sha Tsui East is going by the abbreviation Club PP. Saying you’re going to “D.I.” is one thing, but saying you’re going to “P.P.” is quite another! The curiously named Disco de Patek Philip Karaoke Nightclub is having their invitation-only soft launch this weekend.

From the photos I’ve seen of the interior, it looks like they have the Hong Kong disco formula down perfectly. The space is cavernous and contains high ceilings, a major lighting system, karaoke rooms, a VIP area, tables, a large dance floor and a long bar. All together the club occupies a massive 20,000 square feet!

When I looked at the address I recognized the place, it’s the home of the Chinachem cinema! The movie theater has been a run-down cinema of last resort for many years, though something of a favorite to film junkies due to its late-night screenings of local films. It seems as if it’s been down-sized to make room for Club PP.


This isn’t the first time a cinema has been partially converted into a disco. Queens Theatre in Central, which just closed its doors for good a few months ago, had downsized its space several years ago and a disco named Queens was built inside the back of the building. In land-scarce Hong Kong, old movie theaters are not turning over dollars as quickly as other tenants can for the same amount of space.

What’s with the name? In watch crazy Hong Kong, a luxury brand such as Patek Philippe not only tells time, it also carries a lot of weight. It makes sense to abbreviate the place Club PP though, since Disco de Patek Philip Karaoke Nightclub is quite a mouthful, even when you’re sober.

Patek Philippe & Co, founded in 1851, makes intricate, finely crafted watches, and counts royalty, tycoons, and movie stars as their clients. PP disco is named slightly different, with one letter ‘p’ instead of two in Philippe.

Club PP address (Disco de Patek Philip Karaoke Nightclub)
Unit 3-5, UG2 Floor, Chinachem Golden Plaza
77 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East


  • When is the real opening? This looks tempting to me, Im mostly used to the nightlife around LKF and really want to experience something different.

  • i remember it was a disco named 第五街 (Fifth Street)…. where high sch fds used to go back in the 90’s…haha….its juz another typical disco in honkie style…..ha…~v~”

    I thought it was stand for “Pacific Place”~~lol~~~`
    THUMBS UP for its name!!!! LOL!!!~~~~ 勁!

  • Yes, I’ve also heard that there used to be a disco around there about ten years ago… I don’t think it’s in the exact same spot though. I’ve heard people call the club Propaganda in Central “P.P.” before, and Pacific Place, like you mentioned. At least it’s an easy name to remember! 😉

  • hello….this blog is really cool….
    I will visit hk from february 22 to march 3 and I’m looking for some large dancefloors playing electronic sounds (trance, techno, house….)….cyber seemed to be great but it’s now closed….can you give me some advises ? I also plan to visit GUANGZHOU and shenzhen….do you know some clubs here….maybe you heard about first club, d’club, club de aqua or yes superclub in guangzhou ?

    thanks for yout help

  • o yea~ Propaganda~~
    u know what~ I went to a club named Propaganda too when i was in BJ~~~ and they do the ALL U CAN DRINK on tue/thur for only RMB70~~~datz so COOL!~

  • No, Esther, the club in TST is not named Propaganda (although I have heard people call Propaganda in Central “P.P.” before). P.P. stands for Patek Philip in this case.

    I’ve been to Propaganda in Beijing a few years ago. It’s in the university area. Not bad. Real mainstream Hip-Pop music and lots of college students.

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