Indie Music in H.K.? Try White Noise Records!

white noise records hong kong hk

Just around the corner from Times Square shopping center in Causeway Bay is one of Hong Kong’s few indie music shops. If you’re interested in discovering something beyond what’s out there in the commercial music market, White Noise Records is the place to go. But beware – if you have diverse taste in music, White Noise is a dangerous place to browse! It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find something cool and new.

The shop features a large selection of cds as well as a solid collection of off-beat music even on vinyl! On a recent trip l saw several must-have items including old Soul and Funk collections on 45, in addition to new issues of hard to find underground music magazines. White Noise is also a good place to acquire information about upcoming events in Hong Kong’s art and music scene.

For a peek inside the shop and advice on how to find the slightly hidden entrance, continue here.

Finding the shop!

Starting from in front of the Times Square cinema, cross the street towards the Circle K convenience store. Walk past the Circle K, and take a sharp right at the corner. Now you’re on Canal Road East. Start walking forward, (you’ll be going towards Hennessy Road) and keep looking up. Soon you will see the sign above your head for White Noise.


Take an abrupt right into the narrow stairwell where there may be a woman selling jewelry. Walk up the stairs, and you’ll begin to see lots of street art. After about two flights, you’ll see a door covered in fliers and stickers and you’ve arrived!


The exact street address for White Noise Records is 4 Canal Road East, Causeway Bay. (UPDATE: They moved to Kowloon.) For more info, and to check their recent stock, have a look at the White Noise Records website.

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  • I’ve lived there as a kid for 10 years, used to pass by it every day…
    funny how when I’ve finally come to appreciate these kinds of music, I am thousand of kilometers away from this store =/

    thanks for the post! I have to visit this summer

  • from the looks of the catalogue, this is definitely a dime a dozen for ‘obscurists’ if i could coin a term.
    am definitely dropping by from across the shores 🙂

    big up to the HKhustle krew for this post!

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