A regular Thursday night in Hong Kong?


It started out as a regular Thursday night. I was at home when a friend called and asked me to meet up at Racks. I obliged and headed over at ten-thirty. Waiting for the elevator, the doors opened and out poured several girls I knew who told me that they were on their way to Dragon-i.

Although Wednesday night at “D.I.” is one of the major parties in town, I was wondering why they were headed to the club on Thursday. Arriving at Racks, I found the reason.

David Beckham, one of the most famous football (soccer) players in the game was in town along with his team, the Los Angeles Galaxy, who will be playing a match against Hong Kong Union on Sunday. After a few hours at Racks, which was buzzing with a great crowd, I decided to head up to Dragon-i and check out the spectacle.

The inside of Dragon-i was packed. A small area was roped off for the uber-athlete and his cronies. People were dancing and milling about, occasionally glancing over at the out-of-towners. This type of celebrity crush happens periodically. Whenever a major foreign singer, actor or athlete visits the club, there’s always an extra amount of people that come to ogle the star. In this case there was a whole team in addition to Beckham, who was obviously aware of the disturbance he causes. Dragon-i’s model-heavy crowd added to the intensity of the night by shaking it just a little more than usual on the periphery of Beckham’s table.

After an hour I had enough of the scene and headed over to Club Sugar, which has recently undergone a renovation. The new look features a different paint job in addition to long paths of LED lights that snake around the top of the ceiling. The main room of the club was stuffed with people. The second room, the “champagne room” is still being renovated. The crowd was younger and less international than Dragon-i, but larger in volume, with a fun atmosphere.

My final stop was Volar, which was surprisingly packed.


Only one of the two rooms was open and a visiting d.j. (Sebastian Serrano from Wild Obsession, Germany) was doing a quick cameo before his scheduled appearance on Friday night. The place was rocking!


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