David Morales at Dragon-i


Legendary New York d.j. and producer David Morales will be playing at Dragon-i on Saturday night. David Morales is a top name who has spanned several decades of dance music. As a prolific remixer he’s worked with nearly every major diva in club music and many in Pop as well. Even among veterans there are very few who can match his string of accomplishments, including being a Grammy award winner.

The cover charge for the night is $300 HKD for non-members.

Dragon-i address:
Upper ground floor, The Centrium
60 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong

For reservations call: 3110-1222


  • I thought DI wasn’t a members club. Why would it be $300 HKD for non-members? Shouldn’t everyone have to pay the money if they want to see the David Morales. IMHO one of greatest house music djs on earth.

  • Well Dragon-i isn’t strictly a member’s club, but they don’t let just anyone in, and there’s also a list at the door with names. On nights when a major well known d.j. is playing they allow a certain segment of the public to attend if they pay the cover charge. Volar is the same on certain nights as well.

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