The secret spot salons don’t want you to know about!


You think you’re saving money buying your hair care products from Sa Sa? Think again. We’re going to tell you about an area where you can find shampoos, styling products, and even nail supplies at huge discounts.

Certain districts in Hong Kong are famous for offering bargains. Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui for example, has a cluster of shops selling discount cosmetics and perfumes. But the prices for hair care products there even seem high compared to the bottom of Temple Street.

What you’ll find on Temple Street, (just before the night market starts,) is a handful of shops that the salons buy their supplies from. The same product you purchase in Central for $176HKD is only $80HKD here.


There are great savings on styling products, shampoos, treatments and all sorts of accessories. The selection is large with many salon-only brands you won’t see in Hong Kong’s beauty and drug store chains. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in other shops, chances are they’ll have it here.


In addition to the already low listed prices, it’s possible in some cases to negotiate for even more savings. The cluster of shops are right next to each other, so it makes browsing for the best deal convenient. Why pay full price when you can potentially save over 50%? The places are fun to browse just to see the staggering array of gels, pastes and muds now on the market.


Getting there

The hair-care supply area of Temple Street is easy to get to. Take the MTR to Jordan Station and use Exit A. Once you leave Exit A, take a right, and proceed down Jordan Road for about two blocks until you intersect with Temple Street. Next, take a right on Temple Street, and shortly on your right you will begin to see the salon supply shops. You’re there! The street address should be around 224 Temple Street.

Worth a visit!



  • haha you’re right, this article is really helpful and yes, i’ve been there, definately worth the journey and time, especially since i always need new hair care products and styling ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!

  • hi,

    i also went there under the info. from this site, however, i discovered this place is selling product potentially to be fake. upon discover of my suspicious, i tried to reason with the boss/manager, but he threaten to beat me up. currently i have a case filed to custom dept., under case #U492.



  • Hi Martin,

    Wow! That’s scary… which store did you go to, because there are several. Sure, there’s going to be some imitation products from China alongside the real stuff. You can tell the difference by looking closely at the names on the label. Usually they are spelled a little different, even if the packaging is the same.

  • Yes, I have gone these shops before. And I found a shop in Yuen Long. This time I wanna to buy a Japanese conditioner but I didn’t find in these shop. Finally I found it in the Yuen Long. Your article’s good for the people to know we have more choice on the style product.

  • where is Hung Hom? Is there any other locations in HK with hair products (colours, toners etc)? Great article though, and the products are much cheaper than we buy in Shanghai.

  • Does anyone know where to buy hair extensions? I’m looking to start doing mine myself to stop spending lots on labour costs :/

  • I have salons in Australia and I want to buy all my tint bowls brushes sectioning clips and scissors and anything else for the shop so if anyone can help that would be great

  • Hi!!!
    yes this is helpful… but just a caution… im pretty sure all things have an expiry date… my sister and i went here last month and found that some of their shampoo and some other hair products… my sister almost bought their shampoo thinking it was a bargain, thankfully i noticed the expiry date before she actually paid for it… so if you have sensitive hair/scalp like me… make sure u check before you buy it…

  • I recently purchased a shampoo, conditioner and spray from the City Hair Beauty shop in Temple Street for $370 HKG. I asked the lady for advise and she recommended the products and I bought them. After leaving the shop I realised I had paid a lot, however she told in it was the best you could get. The brand was Flora made in Italy and coming from Australia I had never heard of it. So I decided to look it up on the internet and could not find a website for Flora Hair care products. A few other things have made me question whether I had fakes. The bottles of shampoo and conditioner do not have any address or country written on them and they also smell cheap and nasty. I did get a receipt and have decided to return them and get my money back. I doubt they will be happy with me but I do not want to use it. If anyone has any advise for what I should say when I return them I would be grateful.

  • I bought this Sunday the call thing heat protectant spray which is TONI &GUY. Yah i was amazed coz its so cheap like 70HKD only. When i tried at home, the smell is so disgusting. i cant bear smelling my hair til i finally washed. and i was thinking that this is a real imitation. I regret so badly that i want to return it just the next day.

  • I’ve bought items from them for years. I think they have two shops in that area. Would love to find another store like the larger one because they are the rudest salespeople in all of HK (and that’s saying alot!). I finally found a small store in Mongkok with similar items for the same price and they were much friendlier and not as pushy and impatient.

  • hello. i am looking for the company that sell the brand salon professional.. i need items for nail art. I know it is made in korea but sell in the usa. Does anyone know more? I appreciate the help. Thank you!

  • Agree with hkglady – their salespeople are arrogant and indifferent. I sometimes buy from them but only if can’t find any other alternative.

  • Donโ€™t buy large electrical products. They never get delivered. I was told 1 week delivery time back in August and am still waiting. The shop keeps saying someone tried to call me – untrue. Complete scam.โ€™

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