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Ever wanted to be a cast member of the movie Jackass? Or perhaps become famous doing something crazy on YouTube? Welcome to Red Bull Flugtag!

Next Sunday, October 10th, Red Bull is holding Hong Kong’s first Flugtag event. Flugtag means ‘flying day’ in German, and the event is your chance to create a team, build a flying machine, and take a running leap into the harbor… yes, literally! The team that flies the longest distance wins.

From what I’ve seen, most of the flugtag entries don’t actually fly, but that’s part of the fun of it. Some of the teams make no attempt at aerodynamics at all, and instead work the comedy angle. The creations often resemble a carnival float with wings. Red Bull’s Flugtag promises to be a creative, fun, and unique event.

The turnout to watch Flugtag in other cities around the world has been surprisingly large. Several cities in the U.S. have drawn around 90,000 spectators! (People in America love a good crash!)

The local interest in Hong Kong’s Flugtag competition has been spectacular, with Red Bull having to limit the event to forty teams. It’s not a bunch of foreigners either, but mostly Hong Kong locals who have taken up the challenge.

The event is free and takes place near Elements by the West Kowloon waterfront. Participants will be ‘flying’ their home-made contraptions from the West Kowloon heliport directly into Victoria harbor! We wish them all luck!

You can check out the inside scoop on teams building their flying machines here and here. The official website also has information including details about many of the designs. To get a better idea of what Redbull’s Flugtag is really all about though, check out the video below!


Red Bull Flugtag Hong Kong
Sunday, October 10th, 2010 at 12 pm
West Kowloon Heliport
West Kowloon
(By MTR, take the Tung Chung line to Kowloon Station and walk, or take the special shuttle to the heliport. It’s just towards the harbor from Elements Shopping Mall.)


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