Daybreaker makes its Hong Kong debut!

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Picture a room full of people dancing with their arms raised in the air, while a DJ mixes songs and an MC moves about the space, hyping up the crowd. Now imagine that at 9am on a Sunday morning. This isn’t the latest underground after-hours club, but a typical session at Daybreaker, an adult pop-up disco where the hardest thing you’re likely to encounter is an iced-coffee.

Who showed up at the early morning event? Models, moms, entrepreneurs, fitness fans, dance fans, music lovers, media stars, restaurant owners, wellness gurus, photographers, and fashion insiders. Some of these people have known each other for years, but have never seen each other during the day time. (It turns out the vampire accusations may have been unwarranted after all.)

The Daybreaker Hong Kong launch party took place in Qube, a large event space buried inside of PMQ. The venue was fitted out with several stages, as well as lighting and a sound system. On either side there were bars that featured Genie juices, and offered healthy snacks.

A counter at the back had stylish temporary tattoos with messages based on Daybreaker’s uplifting themes. Musicians performed along with a DJ, and at one point, even a traditional lion dance took place.

Different sessions included yoga, capoeira, dance, as well as other aerobic exercises. The final session was an all-out party. The atmosphere in the room was relaxed, good-natured and friendly. People moved about freely, spontaneously taking part in dance circles, hanging out with friends, or observing a few of the masterful performances. These included a dance team from Korea, and several other professionals who displayed what could best be described as moves at the cross-section of dance and yoga. The talented performances were a major motivator and got people excited and moving to the beat.

More than just about being fit, Daybreaker seems to be about generating positive vibes and a good attitude throughout the day. Typically staged as a pre-work, early morning event, the feeling is a little like you’re eating ice cream for breakfast, and the dance floor is filled with your co-conspirators. Guests left sweaty, but with a smile on their face.

Congrats to Rosemary Vandenbroucke, Walter Hau, and Calvin Klein Performance for an exceptional event. We look forward to more in the future.

For more information, check out the Daybreaker website, and follow them on Facebook for updates to catch the next Hong Kong session.

Notice to brands

Daybreaker is a prime example of how brands can support innovative ideas and collaborate to build positive awareness among a core group. A massive amount of photos and videos were generated at the event that then get spread out to the participants’ followers.

Events like Daybreaker allow you to reach a specific niche, and demonstrate how your products match a particular lifestyle. You can also do giveaways to allow attendees to try your product free for the first time. In fact there was an impressive Calvin Klein goodie bag that featured a bottle of CK-One, a pair of yoga socks, a gift voucher / coupon, as well as a trial pass for PURE, a leading health club / yoga studio.

It was a win-win situation for both the brands and for party-goers.

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