Beijing Club aka ‘the new Hei Hei’ opens!


I picked a bad time to take a night off from the scene! The long awaited Beijing Club, aka the new Hei Hei club opened in M-88 tonight. I was on my way into Racks when I saw new door people and a line outside one of the elevators. This is a major opening as they’ve been renovating the space for nearly six months!


The previous club by the same owner, Hei Hei, was a large, successful, mainstream club located practically across the street. The Beijing Club will mainly be competing with Sugar, and possibly a little with Volar. This is the biggest club to open in a long time, so the effects should be felt in the next few months. Recently the newer places to open have all been smaller, more exclusive joints. The Beijing Club is on a much larger scale. The nightspot takes up three floors of M-88, plus it has a big outdoor patio. Tonight from the patio they were projecting video onto the side of the adjacent building.


The address of Beijing Club is 2-8 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong (floors two through five).

M-88 regulars please take note – for the night, one elevator was designated to be shared by Racks and Sushi Kuu, and another elevator was reserved for Beijing Club and Aura patrons. This should allow people to get where they want with minimum hassle.

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  • i could have designed a better club with that much space, very very CHINESE club, as the name suggests.

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