Guy Bourdin exhibit a marriage of fashion and art


In the days before Photoshop and other image editing enhancers, photographers had to be extra creative in styling, staging, and contemplating their shots. At the Guy Bourdin show you can witness an extensive collection of techniques used to elevate fashion photography into the realm of art.

The directional geometry within Guy Bourdin’s work is brilliant, but his ability to bring to life the settings appears equally as masterful. In the background of one photo for example, you can almost feel the concrete baking in the hot sun.

Within the photos on display there is also beauty in the way he pictured Americana from behind his French lens. Working his models into the foreign settings, Bourdin created clashes or camouflaged them entirely, with equally stunning flair. To this day, this type of visual strikes a note with sophisticated urbanites who were the initial target of his fashion campaigns.

The ‘Guy Bourdin, A Message For You’ exhibition is located at the lower floor of Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan until October 31st.

[photopress:Guy_Bourdin_photos_2.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:Guy_Bourdin_exibit_3.jpg,full,pp_image]

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