Dragon-i’s 5th anniversary feat. Boy George! Plus Kid Fresh & Kamikaze at Volar


Saturday night was hectic in typical Hong Kong fashion. Dragon-i’s fifth anniversary began with a dinner at 8:30 followed by a special d.j. set by Boy George as the climax of the evening. I had to skip the dinner to attend a friend’s barbecue in Shek O, which is the farthest point out on Hong Kong Island. On the rare occasion that I’m in that part of town, I normally go to Big Wave Bay, which is a little more secluded than the often crowded Shek O beach. I must admit, I was reluctant to miss Dragon-i’s dinner to trek out to the opposite side of the island. But on Friday night, for a barbecue with a group of friends, the setting couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Arriving at the beach at dusk, the waves were still rolling in and there were a few surfers taking their last runs of the day. Looming over the right side of the beach is a large mountain, a contrast which heightens the scenic nature of the beach.


Located at the far end of either side are barbecue restaurants. Basically, you rent out a space and either buy food from them, or purchase your own. I stayed for a few hours and it was a relaxing change from my recent confinement to Central.

Heading back to my part of town I stopped off to take a rest before heading out to Dragon-i. By the time I got there, Boy George was already behind the decks, playing to a completely packed dancefloor.

[photopress:Dragon_i_Hong_Boy_George.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:Dragon_i_Anniversary_Boy_Ge.jpg,full,pp_image]

For those of you out there who must ask, no, he wasn’t dressed the same as in the Culture Club days, and no he didn’t play the same type of music (though the crowd went nuts when he mixed in a popular 80’s song with a wry smile on his face!)


Dragon-i was decked out spectacularly for the occasion. The security was tight and there were additional walls erected to help maintain the guest’s privacy. An assortment of different lanterns hung from the ceiling and other adornments were placed throughout the club.


Boy George played contemporary dance music, a combination of House and a few other styles while I was there. I heard him play several interesting songs that were completely new to me.

After an hour I decided to head down to Volar to check out the d.j. duo Kid Fresh and Kamikaze, aka the German Kids, who I’d been hearing about. Maneuvering my way to the front of the club, the two d.j.s were playing an interesting mixture of Hip Hop, classic House and other genres.


Their M.C. worked to hype up the crowd. Music lovers, who are into multiple genres can’t get enough of d.j.s like this.


Having soaked up three good d.j.s in one night, I decided to cut out early, my faith in Hong Kong’s nightlife restored.

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