Occasions celebrates their 20th birthday!


Hong Kong’s top event company, Occasions PR & Marketing, honored their twentieth anniversary with a celebration in the atrium of The Landmark on Tuesday. Twenty years is a long time to maintain any business, let alone remain number one in the event production field. Started by well connected players in Hong Kong’s social scene, Occasions holds the lion’s share of major events in the city.

As guests milled around the atrium and socialized, Occasions top three executives: Pansy Ho, Yvette Yuen and Michelle Cheng, took to the stage to mark the birthday. The trio were later joined by co-founder Andrew Yuen and the ever charismatic Stanley Ho. Dr. Ho was a clear audience favorite and had the crowd laughing along at his celebratory remarks.


After the commemoration, a video played on the centerpiece installation recounting highlights from their past twenty years in business.


In addition to the invited guests who swarmed around the atrium, the event drew onlookers who peered down at the proceedings from the two stories of balconies above.


Occasions raised the bar

Whether you realize it or not, Occasions has consistently set the mark for Hong Kong parties and made this city’s fashion shows legendary. Occasions’ success is derived in part from understanding Hong Kong’s triple obsession with status, brands and celebrity. Among other feats, they’ve managed to successfully navigate putting on massive promotional events while maintaining exclusivity. Without the Occasions footprint, Hong Kong’s scene would not be on the sophisticated, world-class level that it is today.

Happy Birthday Occasions! (If it wasn’t for you, I still would spell ‘occasion’ with two ‘s’s!)


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