“Upcoming Events” section launches on Hong Kong Hustle!


I’ve decided to add an “Upcoming Events” section to Hong Kong Hustle. If you’re throwing an event or having an exhibition, please feel free to submit it to the site.

You can easily do so by using the CONTACT link at the top left of the page, and then selecting ‘upcoming event’ in the drop down menu. If you have images to include, contact me here first, and I will email you back to get the images.

I will be editing all of the events before they get posted, and I may or may not choose to include your event. It’s likely that I will give preference to events that match the interests of readers of this site. If you have something cool, please feel free to contact me to include it.

The Upcoming Events section will be at the top left of the page. Simply click on an entry in the list to get more information. For readers sake, I will try to let you know the details of the upcoming events as accurate as I can based on the information I receive. Sometimes things change. I will try to indicate when an event is open, or whether it requires a fee, or special invitation to attend.

I hope this section helps everyone find both the exposure and the community that they are searching for. Enjoy!

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