Racks celebrates their first anniversary!


By the time I arrived at Racks MDB it was already after 1 am. The place was trashed, as were most of the patrons of the popular pool hall. The bar staff looked shell-shocked and there were stacks of glasses piled up high along the bar. People were dancing in front of the d.j. booth and playing pool in various states of inebriation. So how was this night different from any other?

Well, it wasn’t that much different from usual! There were movie stars, singers, and models mixing it up with Hong Kong’s top artists, d.j.s and creative types. Since the birthday party had started at 9:30 pm, the beer-bongs had long been abandoned and the floors were a mess!


The first year of the billiards club has been a remarkable success. Racks has one of the most diverse crowds in Hong Kong. Somehow the place manages to pull off a slacker bar feel with an upscale clientele. A genuinely friendly atmosphere seems to be the secret of their success.

Over the course of one year they have launched a second branch in Shanghai that’s a major new addition to the city’s nightlife. Located in Xintiandi, it featured a star-studded opening party that took place last month. Even with nearly twenty more tables than Racks Hong Kong, the place is consistently packed.

Here’s wishing the Racks gang another year of great business and good times!

Newly renovated club Drop

After closing out Racks on Wednesday night I stopped by Volar briefly before heading to DROP. Drop was the first dance club in Hong Kong’s Soho area. The place was hugely successful for its recipe of great music, sophisticated designer decor, and high-quality drinks. Over the last seven years Drop has continued to have a steady following, but the neighborhood has grown to include multiple nightlife choices.


Drop recently underwent a major renovation and last night was my first visit since it reopened. My impression is that the small club is now more spacious and brighter than before. In addition to the updated decor, the d.j. booth has been improved and the central columns have been accentuated. There also appears to be more seating space. The renovations are definitely an improvement. Though the neighborhood may change, with its prime location tucked into a Soho alleyway, Drop continues to have a special mystique.

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