The New Face of Macau!

The new face of Macau!

Putting the finishing touch on Wynn’s new casino

With the monopoly on ownership of casinos in Macau lifted, seasoned, corporate American casinos are pouring into Macau, giving the industry a much needed face-lift. Formerly controlled by Stanley Ho, the new guys in town include The Sands, The Venitian, MGM, Wynn, and several others. They are literally making the front part of Macau into a strip similar to Las Vegas. Construction is everywhere.

Pouring the foundation for the MGM Grand

The charm of old Macau, with its slow winding streets, and alleyways can still be found. However, luxury condos catering to future high-rollers, mostly projected to come from Mainland China, are beginning to encroach on the borders of the city.

The ruins of the coliseum circa 2006!

Supposed to look like Beijing...

Taking a page from Las Vegas, Macau is reinventing itself, with all sorts of weird semi-historic concoctions. On a recent trip I walked around the main part of the city, and shot some of the new buildings going up. Some of them are interesting looking.

Not quite sure what this is yet! Easter Island statue?

Cool new casino / hotel.

The former face of gambling in Macau, Stanley Ho’s Casino Lisboa:

The former face of Macau’s Casinos

On my walk, I stumbled across some cool graffiti and an old shop covered in gears, cogs and springs – there’s still culture to be found!

Graffiti near an underpass by the reservoir

Click on the image below to get a close-up!

Unintentional street art installation

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