The library with the million dollar view!

Click on the photo below to see a larger view.

View from the 55th floor

I had heard about a library on the 55th floor of IFC2, the tallest building in Hong Kong with 88 floors in total. The library is owned by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, but open to the public. On a whim I decided to investigate one day.

To get there, you must first register and then take a special elevator from the ground floor of IFC2. Once upstairs you walk down a hallway and into a large gallery space with an exhibit about the history of Hong Kong’s monetary system. The exhibition is interesting, but the real attraction here are the amazing views.

From its vantage point, off slightly from the pack of skyscrapers in Central, IFC2 has incredible views of the thick jungle of buildings around it.

Click on the photos below to see a larger view.

Bank of China and Cheung Kong building

Looking out towards Victoria Peak

IFC2 viewed from a few blocks away

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