Levi’s Copper / CLOT event featuring Clinton Sparks & Joe Budden

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Friday night I attended the launch of Levi’s Copper, a line of jeans that uses original-style copper rivets. The party was held at the Star Ferry pier, which seems to be the venue of choice for everyone these days. (Just to name a few, Nike and Diesel as well as high-fashion brands such as Vivienne Westwood have all used the space recently.) The location is good for a number of reasons – it’s directly in Central, (one of Hong Kong Island’s main neighborhoods,) the space is raw (so it can be outfitted in whatever way the client wants,) it’s a scenic location (with a view of both sides of the harbor,) and it’s away from all residential housing, (which means no noise or crowd complaints!)


Arriving at the venue, for a second I thought there was some sort of Flintstone’s theme going on. After passing through the reception, guests entered a faux mine shaft and proceeded through to the main room of the party. The rest of the venue was similarly decorated with fake stone and rock-textured drapes.


DJ Tommy, Hong Kong’s most famous home-grown D.J. started off the night, followed by a performance by the local group FAMA, sort of a Hip Hop / comedy duo. Ever wonder what rapping sounds like in Cantonese? Check out the videos of Clinton Sparks, Joe Budden and Fama performing!

The performance got people in the capacity crowd moving!

The place was completely filled even before New York D.J. Clinton Sparks, and M.C. Joe Budden took the stage.

[photopress:LevisCopperCrowdHK.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:LevisJoeBuddenMC_HK.jpg,full,pp_image]

Just before I had to leave to d.j. a different event, Clinton Sparks and Joe Budden came on. I was able to record the first few minutes.

Respect to the CLOT crew for organizing the talent and helping to turn an event into a cool event. Though I couldn’t stay the entire night, it looked like a fun party. Once again the winning formula of free drinks, diverse crowd, ample decorations and good music did the trick.

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