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Since the last three days have been particularly clear, I decided to walk up to Victoria Peak, Hong Kong’s number one tourist destination. Normal people get there by taking a taxi, bus, minibus, or the famous Peak Tram, but I enjoy the exercise!


I’ve been up here countless times already and it’s still a wonder to behold. Walking along Hong Kong’s busy streets you have no idea how the city fits together – building by building, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood. From the vantage point up on The Peak it all comes together. Peer down from above and you are rewarded with a fresh look at places you dash by every day. I come up here as often as I can to have a look at the city. You can read more about my trips and see additional photos by going here or here. I love this place. It’s rare for a city to have such an inspiring view.


Tuesday night I took a few photos. Wednesday during the day I was back up there again and decided to shoot a short video with my camera (don’t expect vivid colors!) Have a look at the 35-second tour!

Victoria Peak Hong Kong by hongkonghustle

Don’t settle for less: see the full view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
Most people who visit the Peak simply go to the observation deck on top of the Peak Tower (home to the Peak Tram station.) While this is an excellent view, it’s only a partial look at the city.


For a view that’ll really knock you off your feet, simply walk a casual ten minutes away from the crowd, along a winding cement pathway located at the rear of the Peak Tower. The walkway is nearly flat and you’ll be in for a big treat. (You know you’re starting at the right place if you walk by a set of stairs going down on your right, and continue past a small older building on your left before entering the pathway.

After around ten minutes you get your first taste of the magnificent 180 degree view – but don’t stop yet. It gets better! Continue walking in the same direction. Take your time and you will notice that moving another twenty feet gives you a noticeably different perspective.

At a certain point you will begin facing the Tsing Ma bridge far off in the distance. If you’re feeling ambitious and would like to see what’s on the other side of Hong Kong Island, continue walking. The pathway forms a loop and it will take you right back where you started from. To be honest, the view of the other side isn’t as breathtaking. There’s a scenic waterfall and some photo-ops of rolling hillsides with Lamma Island in the distance, but it’s not as dazzling as the cityscape.

How long does it take to do the loop? It all depends on your walking speed. I’d say forty-five minutes to an hour at a decent rate, slower if you’re pausing for pictures, which you surely should be!


  • hmmm, how long would u suggest for a visit to nice/touristy spots in HK? 3 days enough? plus 2 days in Macau of cos……

  • I think three days is a decent amount of time to see major highlights. I’ll see if I can create a quick guide to my favorite picks. Just got back from vacation. Totally jet-lagged!

  • I have 10 days in HKG. Travelling solo. Any tips?
    You got further comments on the weather now in HKG? Is it rainy or hot as hell?

  • Hi Jade,

    It’s very humid here at the moment. Ten days is enough time to see all the top tourist destinations. Have you been here before? Are you into anything in particular like art, movies, fashion, or shopping? Perhaps then I can make more recommendations.

  • Yeah would be spending 3 days in Macau. Thanks! Bring it on… I am keen to explore and am interested in the arts, heritage, shopping and fashion. This is my third time to HKG. My two prior experiences were in Dec 2006 & 2007 . I love the cold weather and is thus apprenhensive coming to HKG in late Aug.

  • I’m visiting HK for a vacation, I’m going to be there from March 8 until March 21. The Peak is in my #1 spot to go to when I get there. Thanks for writing this. 🙂

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