Vans Sk85ive2 indoor skatepark opens, and amazes!

vans sk8five2 hong kong indoor ramp sk852 hk

If it weren’t for the stickers plastered strategically around the ancient freight elevator, you might assume that this non-descript industrial building in Kwun Tong was the wrong address for Hong Kong’s first indoor skatepark. Heading up to the seventh floor, the elevator opens to reveal an elegant wooden door that seems somewhat out of place.

Vans Sk85ive2 represents a dream that was decades in the making. A collaboration between sneaker brand Vans, and popular local skateshop, 8Five2 (helmed by Brian Siswojo,) the interior is a wonderland of ramps, ledges and transitions.

Designed by top American skate firm, California Ramp Works, Vans Sk85ive2 occupies nearly 3000 square feet. Aside from a few cushioned support columns, and an office / shop, the entire interior is skateable terrain.

The turnout for the opening was both a testament to Hong Kong’s close-knit skateboarding community, and the enormous impact that the subculture has had on individuals. Influential members of Hong Kong’s arts, entertainment and fashion scenes were everywhere.

brian jbs siswojo skate 852 hong_kong sk8five2
From left, Ghost Style, Kit, Brian Siswojo, Phat, and Sam Lee

The independent, creative spirit that skateboarding has been known for, was evident in many of the guests including big names such as Sam Lee, Simon Birch, Michael Lau, 24Herbs, and others who turned up in large numbers.

Many in the crowd were 20+ year veterans of skateboarding and have grown up with the pastime. Perhaps a second generation, their children, could be seen climbing up the ramps, sliding down, and otherwise having a good time.

vans sk8five2 indoor skatepark hong kong

There was a genuine feeling of excitement in the room, in part because an indoor skatepark has been a fantasy for over 20 years to many in Hong Kong’s skate scene. Although there have been indoor ramps before (notably Six Keyz,) there has been nothing quite as complete and contemporary.

Bringing all of this home was a photography exhibition that reflected skateboarding’s roots, and celebrated the thirty-year anniversary of Thrasher Magazine. Thrasher was the bible of skateboarding during its cyclical boom-times and also the medium through which information about skating was spread in the pre-Internet days. The magazine documented not just the tricks and techniques, but also the attitude and culture surrounding skateboarding.

Photos of 80’s legends such as Christian Hosoi, Gator, Mark Gonzales, Lance Mountain, and many more lined the room. It was a fantastic touch that made the special night even more majestic.

During the opening there was a skate demo and mini-contest presided over by co-founder Brian Siswojo (also known as JBS of the band 24Herbs). The complex maneuvers had boards flying around the room, and elicited whoops from the audience.


vans indoor skatepark hong kong hk china

Another highlight of the event were the amazing waffles shaped like the sole of Van’s shoes! These proved popular with everyone from the kids to the old school skaters!

vans sk85ive2 sk8five2 hong kong hk

Congratulations to Brian of 8Five2 and everyone from Vans who worked tirelessly to make this space a reality!

For additional reading, check out the awesome collection of photos from the opening at The WZA’s post on Hypebeast.


Vans Sk85ive2 Indoor Skatepark + Shop

7/F, D&E Hang Seng Industrial Building
No. 185-187 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong

Opening hours: 11am to 8pm weekdays, 11am to 6pm weekends

[photopress:852_skateshop_hong_kong_skateboard.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:vans_852_skate_shop_hong_kong_skate_board.jpg,full,pp_image]


  • Hey, this skatepark seems really cool and i was just wondering if you guys allow scooters in it? if you think all the scooterist in hong kong are push push fall die, then you might be true but there are ones who are alot better than that. we have no skateparks to ride in and it would be so sick if you guys could let us ride in the park! please it would mean so much to us, thanks! 🙂 *youtube channel is alexcanscooter , you can see what im talking about 😀

  • Hi Alex,

    Wow! Nice moves on the scooter! 🙂 Definitely better than what I’ve seen around town! You should try to contact Vans Sk852 directly to see if they’ll let you use the skatepark. Email them, or just stop by and talk with them. Make sure you show them your videos. Good luck!

  • Hey guys what up..Im from Brazil and im in hong kong for a while…I would like to know if someone can help me out so I can get in the skatepark…Im staying at Hung Hom…Please send me an e-mail.
    Thanks,skate or die!!

  • Hi Felipe, Vans Sk852 is open to the public. All you need to do is stop by the skatepark and get more information about signing up to skate. You can take the MTR to Kwun Tong and then walk there. Bring a map with you so you can find it. Good luck! 🙂

  • Hey guys, I skate.. but some of my friends ride their scooters. I was wondering if this skatepark was only for skateboards or not? I am keen to get in there on the weekend

  • Yes, I believe it is all ages, although depending on your age, they might ask you to get a parent to sign a form. Yes, you can skate there even if you didn’t buy a board from them. Enjoy! 🙂

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