Racks returns! A sneak peek inside!

racks hong kong pool billiards address 2f 46-48 wyndham street

racks hong kong pool billiards address 2f 46-48 wyndham street

Stepping into the new Racks MDB was like seeing an old friend again. The same unpretentious vibe, good music, and international crowd that made the original Racks a success, can now be found in the new location.

The billiards club that gave birth to Hong Kong’s pool table and beer pong trend, has taken over a second floor venue above Wyndham Street. After a quick look around, the new space is actually an improvement over the original.

The new, more open layout lets you feel like part of the room, which is due to the square, rather than rectangular orientation.

racks hk billiards pool hall wyndham st new
(this is just half of the space)

There’s a much larger set of tables and seating for those not playing, as well as a good-sized dancefloor, which allows the place to be more multi-functional. (Typically, as the night wore on, the old Racks transformed into a place where people danced.)

racks pool billiards bar wyndham st hk

Another big improvement is the large bar.

racks bar pool hall hong kong billiards club hk new

The old Racks was limited by a tiny bar that got slammed during big nights. The new bar is nearly four times the size, and can accommodate numerous customers easily.

The decor has had a slight upgrade. The black-on-black color scheme retains the same grittiness as the previous spot, yet padded walls and other details give it a bit more class.

racks mdb hong kong new address hk wyndham street

There are currently three pool tables in the space, and a fourth may be added if necessary.

In addition to billiards, two dart machines are set up in a corner, near the back side of the bar.

darts hong kong racks billiards pool hk

As expected, word traveled fast about the soft-opening, and a host of important figures in Hong Kong’s nightlife scene stopped by to have a look and congratulate the owners.

racks mdb hong kong pool hall new address

Just like the original, there was a diverse crowd including models, DJs, scenesters, and even some startup nerds.

In keeping with Racks tradition, there are no door people, you just walk right in.

To check out photos and read more about the old Racks, go here and here.


Racks MDB
2/F, Winning Centre
46-48 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong
852 2686-0400

racks hong kong hk address winning centre 48 wyndham_street


  • Hi…I just came across your site this afternoon and love it! Recently moved to Hong Kong (two weeks ago), I’m trying to maneuver my way around the city and learn about its events. Your site is such a great resource! Originally from the US, we just moved from Malaysia and I’ve been blogging myself for over a year…mostly travel and fashion with a bit of Asian life thrown in. I hope you can stop by and say hello and I look forward to following along daily on your blog. Once I grab a phone here, I plan to follow you through Twitter!

    – Grace

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