Beverly Hills residents… start your engines!



Arriving this summer is Turbo Feel, a 350-meter indoor racetrack inspired by actual Formula One racing. The scaled model outside the nearly finished course is very impressive.

This is no abandoned parking lot with a few dented cones. We’re talking about a premium track complete with pit-stops, a spectator stand, and even an awards podium!

Visiting a friend out in Tai Po, I had the opportunity to peer at the work in progress and snap a few photos. Turbo Feel is a private mini race car track for residents on the grounds of The Beverly Hills, a gated community that makes up for its far away location with well thought out and genuinely appealing amenities.


I have to say that the planners did a marvelous job of coming up with activities for the development. I don’t know of a comparable place anywhere in Hong Kong. In addition to the race course, some of the standouts include: an indoor skiing simulator; a huge covered adventure playground for kids (with pirate ship etc.;) banks of video games; swimming pools; a several-story-high water slide; a massive clubhouse with karaoke rooms, a cafe, and even a band room loaded with musical instruments (for when Guitar Hero or Rock Band just isn’t enough!) This is all in addition to standard features such as a health club. One further smart addition was an on-site pet hotel for when residents go away. The complex also uses those cool amusement park trolleys to shuttle residents from place to place.

Having unique amenities is a way for Hong Kong property developers to distinguish one mega-project from another. With The Beverly Hills it seems that they really outdid themselves!

I’ll be back to try out Turbo Feel once it opens. Hopefully it’s not just for kids!


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