LCX expands to Causeway Bay

LCX Causeway Bay Hong Kong hk Kingston Street

LCX Causeway Bay Hong Kong hk Kingston Street

LCX held a big event last Saturday for their expansion into Causeway Bay. This is their second location, the first being in Harbour City / Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui. LCX is sort of like a mall within a mall. It’s a collection of trendy youth-oriented brands clustered together. They sell mid-range to high end designer fashion, cosmetics and lifestyle products. The strategy behind LCX is smart – once your target consumer is at one boutique, chances are they will also browse another shop intended for the same demographic. So, how do you get busy Hong Kong shoppers to know about your new store?

In addition to holding a kick-off event attended by celebrities, LCX went about blanketing the Sogo-side of Causeway Bay with advertisements notifying people of their additional location. The walls of one of the popular MTR exits to Causeway Bay are covered with ads for their new mall. Also, on several blocks surrounding LCX (filled with competing shopping centers,) they’ve placed pedestrian-level installations to draw attention to their new address.


The Causeway Bay LCX is situated across from D-mop on 9 Kingston Street.


The shopping arcade extends the entire length of the block. Below it on the ground floor level is a large I.T. shop, which features designers aimed at a slightly younger age group.


Approaching the front of the store they have an impressive entrance. The two-story high metal walls are a grand gateway to the shops.

[photopress:LCX_shopping_HK_CWB.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:LCX_Kingston_St_Causeway.jpg,full,pp_image]

Walking inside there are a few cosmetics brands as you step in and a salon in the lower level. To get to the main shopping area, you take an escalator up to the first floor. Walking around on the inside, it appears that they are still in the process of completing the place. I can’t blame them for opening slightly early since the Christmas shopping season has officially begun.

LCX is filled with medium-sized stores. You can check out their website here to see what brands they offer.


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