Breakbot at Socialito

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Breakbot on the wheels!

French recording artist Breakbot packed Socialito on Friday, January 25th. Arriving an hour into his set, the DJ booth was surrounded by an adoring crowd who responded enthusiastically to each mix.

Breakbot played a slightly schizophrenic set, skipping from genre to genre non-stop throughout the night. His song selection included everything from 70’s Rock to Trap music.

Part of the Ed Banger record label, Breakbot played medium-tempo music for much of the night, which is something that Hong Kong club-goers generally aren’t accustomed to.

Typically, party-goers are expecting a jump-up-and-down get crazy sort of show, while Breakbot’s DJ set was more about the groove, which he kept going smoothly the entire time.

Part of the problem with DJ gigs these days is that crowds often expect the DJ to be jumping around on stage employing different theatrics, which is actually a show, rather than a DJ set. With certain venues (and DJs,) that is to be expected, but for a restaurant that turns into a club, Breakbot’s music was perfect.

One cool story from the night – a girl approached Breakbot for an autograph, and instead of a simple signature, he proceeded to spend a few minutes drawing her a whole picture!

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