Wing Shya’s XLARGE Fingercroxx Photo Exhibit

View from T.S.T. promenade

Stopped by artist / photographer / creative director Wing Shya’s photo exhibit on Saturday night. I was at an event at Lane Crawford in IFC2 and afterwards I jumped down to Star Ferry and hopped over to Tsim Sha Tsui. It was the clearest night in weeks, so I took a bunch of photos from the boat. Afterwards I walked along the promenade in T.S.T. towards the venue. This was the same view that greeted me on my very first night in Hong Kong many years ago. The buildings looked amazing and it’s still awe inspiring. The XLARGE Fingercroxx exhibit was held at the EXIT Double-Park shop on Granville Road. There were around 12 black and white photographs, some featuring famous, iconic Hong Kong people. Cara Chan, Sam Lee, Prodip and a few others featured in the photos attended.

Wing Shya’s XLARGE photo exhibit

Sam Lee and Josie Ho

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